Viruses are very serious and we should read about them and learn. Everyone of us MUST have an anti-virus program installed before even going on the net. Once the antivirus program is installed it MUST be updated at least weekly. This downloads to the computer the newest antivirus files so when (not if) a virus gets into your computer the antivirus information detects it and prevents it from working.

Before automatically sending an e-mail just received from someone warning of a virus, consider this:  Is it real or is this someone just creating a hoax to tie up the internet unnecessarily?  Virus hoaxes slow down the internet by having hundreds of thousands of people sending hundreds of thousands of emails to everyone in their address lists.  How does one know a hoax from a virus? The first clue is a line in the message that urges it be sent to everyone on our address list as soon as possible.  Especially if this is repeated at the end of the message, professional releases do not repeat themselves.

It is really up to us to know enough to identify a hoax and stop emailing & scaring our friends unnecessarily.  After all we should be responsible for our actions not want to involve our email friends in a hoax. Especially if the email advises them to delete a file - these are the worst kinds.

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List updated September 3, 2011

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